Rattan Ata Round Bag / Endah

Rattan Ata Round Bag / Endah


Soi 55 Rattan Ata Round Bag - 'Endah' with blue reef print lining


  • Handmade from genuine rattan and ata grass by artisans in Indonesia

  • Traditional flower pattern

  • Vegan ‘leather’ strap and closure

  • Cross body style

  • Custom lining hand picked for Soi 55

Beautifully handmade on the 'island of the gods' in Bali, Indonesia our rattan 'ata' round bags have been intricately designed just for us - and we're a little bit in love. Each bag is a piece of art.

All our rattan bag collections are made in small, special batches with custom linings especially for Soi 55.

20cm diameter x 7cm height
Strap 120cm

Can easily fit your phone, small purse, sunglasses, passport and other small essentials.

Handmade with natural materials that can occasionally chip or split. Please be careful when wearing this bag with delicate fabric.

Each and every rattan bag is handmade. The colour, size and pattern may vary very slightly due to the nature of this beautiful process.

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Rattan Ata Round Bag Story | Soi 55

Our original rattan ata round bags have been carefully handmade in Bali using traditional techniques. The 'Ata' grass is cooked over coconut husks to give it its beautiful, deep colour before being traditionally woven. This natural process can leave a smokey smell on the rattan. This is totally normal and the smell will disappear in a few days.

We work directly with the artisans in Bali to design and create each and every bag. Our Rattan round bags have been lined with colourful batik print fabric that has been hand-picked by Soi 55 from the local markets i the island. You won't find another rattan bag like ours.


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