This is the view from the apartment where it all began on the busy street 'Sukhumvit Soi 55' in Bangkok...

I started Soi 55 in 2015 whilst on a 'happiness mission' in Indonesia and Thailand. My passion for travel over the last 10 years has taken me to remote beaches, bustling cities and magical markets. I followed my dreams and finally aligned my desire to keep traveling with running my own business to create the beach and travel lifestyle I have always worked so hard to be a part of.


After setting up the business on the road Soi 55 spent its first year of trading in beautiful Cornwall before moving to the sunnier coastline of the Algarve in Portugal where we are now based.

Endlessly inspired by the far-flung beaches of the tropics, the Portuguese blue skies and the excitement of theundiscovered. With the help from talented artisans around the world I find, design and create colourful, beach + travel bags and accessories. Be it the beach or the city, travel is our passion and our products will always reflect this. Many of our collections are beautifully handmade by artisans around the globe using traditional or special techniques and are uniquely designed especially for Soi 55. All of our products have a level of sustainability and are designed to last you for years to come.

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We believe in slow travel, immersing ourselves in the destination we’re exploring. We like to take time to learn the language, navigate remote islands and beaches, find secret bars + restaurants and chat with the locals. We choose meaningful travel over mindless travel. We choose experiences over things. This is the Soi 55 lifestyle. As we continue to travel around Portugal and the globe we’ll share our experience-based travel guides and itineraries for the curious.

As we dive deeper into the 'Soi 55 lifestyle' we invite you to grab a beach bag and join us on our never ending journey around the world. Big love and palm trees always, Candy x


Meet Candy (Candice, if you must know), the girl behind the brand. Candy grew up in Wales but began learning to surf in Cornwall when she was 14. The same day she completed her University degree she moved to the the surf town of Newquay to pursue the ‘beach lifestyle’. For 6 years Candy worked as a RNLI beach lifeguard and surf instructor in the summers and escaped to the tropics to surf and travel in the winters.

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On a trip to Thailand and Indonesia in 2015 she created the Soi 55 brand so she could continue to travel and work from anywhere. In search of sunnier climes Candy moved to Algarve in Portugal in 2016 where she now continues to base herself today. When she’s not hunting for new products and writing travel guides she’s sea swimming in the Atlantic and looking for cheap flights to the next destination on her ever-growing list.

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