Living in Portugal | One week in, the highs AND lows


Bom Dia!

Wow what a week! It's been about 9 days since since we arrived at our new apartment/ base for the winter; lovely Lagos! Safe to say it has been a whirlwind and despite giving myself a week's 'holiday' to get settled in I have been feeling far from organised.

Today though, I have finally sat down at the balcony table with my laptop, notebook and a lovely ceramic pot of fresh olives (my boyfriend said it's too early for wine apparently👎) to start processing orders and preparing the AW16 Collection launch.

The past week has already opened up my eyes to the future and given me a fresh head to think about everything. It's starting to sink in that this is 'home' for at least the next 7 months and thats pretty damn exciting (and overwhelming) to say the least! We all need change in our lives, and after finding myself in a bit of a rut last year i've been slowly but surely making the changes I needed to get me out on the smooth again. This was one of the biggest steps and I can now say I am in a place where I feel I have room to grow as a person. I'm also ready to embrace this change and start developing Soi 55 to the next level.

I don't usually get too personal on blog posts but as this move is so integral to Soi 55 I thought it made sense to share the experience with you. Here's the highs AND lows of the past week living in Lagos, Portugal. Enjoy!


High: Sunny days all day every day

I'm not joking here, it hasn't stopped. NON...STOP...SUNSHINE. September/October is really an extension of summer here in the Algarve so I know when November eventually rolls around we will get a bit of cloud and, I daren't say it, but some rain too but right now I am truly enjoying clear blue skies and warm temps all hours of the day. Bliss. 

Low : Motivating yourself to work even when the sun is shining

This sunshine business works both ways. With all the excitement of a new place I have had to remind myself that i'm not here on a 7 month holiday. I'm hoping the novelty of hours of sunshine will wear off. At least at the end of a laptop day I can reward myself with a stroll down a nicely warmed beach!


High : The fresh local produce

The freshly caught fish, the ridiculously juicy tomatoes. the creamy goat's cheese and the colourful, flavoursome veggies. Seriously, we've eaten rainbows for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!


High : Inspiration on the doorstep

The beauty of being in another country is that everything is new. There is so many new beaches, bars, restaurants, backstreets to explore; so much new scenery to take on board. Yesterday we walked around the old town and found the most amazing combinations of colour and style. Sometimes all you need for inspiration is a change of scenery.


High : Local Markets

Cycling down to the daily fish and veg market on Tuesday was a real treat and i'm looking forward to including it in my change of lifestyle. Although we've been to a couple of local markets this week at the moment we've still be shopping at the larger supermarkets (see below) mainly because we're still kitting out the apartment and working our way around what we need. But I'd love to make the local markets 90% of our shop each week. Current favourite find - Homemade Fig Chutney!

Low : Supermarkets

Please note....lows include moments of varying degrees of hardship.

For example there are actually too many supermarket's here to work out where we need to go to get what. Sounds silly saying it but even the biggest superstore we visited (we did 6 in one day) had around 300 types of cheese but didn't have a cheese grater....First-World problem!  

HIGH : Re-instating a sense of adventure

New spaces & places are very important to me as are new experiences! On Friday we swam along the  a little section of Lagos coastline in beautiful blue ocean. We 'discovered' secret beaches, caves and an abundance of beautiful fish in just a few short hours. It's these types of adventures that keep my happiness levels topped up and its as clear as the Lagos ocean that there's plenty to be had right here.

LOW : Being away from friends & family

Although we've not permanently moved away i'd say probably the biggest low of being in another country for an extended period of time is not being able to pop down the pub to meet friends for a drink. I often take the ease of being social back at home for granted but now I'm here i realise thats not an option until we've had a chance to meet people. Good news is we've got bookings from friends and family almost every week!


As we're only 9 days in the highs and lows are going to keep on coming but overall this 9 days has been refreshing and revitalising and I'm so excited for the future! Has anyone else taking a new and exciting step this year? I'd love to hear about it!

Candy x

Candy Tomkins