A/W 16 COLOUR INSPO | Pink, Gold & Grey

With September just around the corner we've been collecting colour inspiration for our A/W 16 collection for a little while now. And we've fallen head over heels for colours for these wildly different but magically matching shades of beautiful-ness!

What is it about dusty pink, shiny gold & just about any type of grey looking THIS good together?

The colour combo has been trending on Pinterest for a while now but with no signs of stopping it's time to get involved. Whether it's your bedroom decor, your lacey under-crackers or your kitchen towels you need (at least) a little bit of this colour way in your life!

Why not head over to our Pinterest for more Colour Inspo?

The Soi 55 A/W16 Collection is due for launch late September! Get excited!

All images from PINTEREST