Soi 55 Travel | 9 reasons Thailand should be on your travel radar


The stunning scenery, crystal clear ocean, beautiful people and delicious food (uhh....did someone say Massaman curry) ensures Thailand is high up on my all-time favourite Asian destinations and one of my most-visited travel spots to date.  Here's 10 reasons you need to visit Thailand ASAP :


1 |  T H E   S C E N E R Y

Even the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand still retain paradise status. The natural beauty boasting cliffs and pristine, palm-backed beaches are just a couple
of the beautiful scenes Thailand has to offer. 

2 |  T H E  C I T Y  (BKK)

Yes Thailand has gorgeous beaches and impressive islands but it also has a one of the most vibrant, colourful Capital cities I've experienced in my lifetime. Whether it's authentic street food and local markets or 5 star hotels and 360 roof top bars you're after you can find it all here! Bangkok is not to me missed off your itinerary.


3 |  T H E   G O O D   T I M E   V I B E S

Maybe it's the happy holiday-goers, maybe it is the (daily) sunset beers or just maybe its the beach side pina-coladas. Whatever it is it feels GOOD and I love how Thailand encourages it's traveler's to embrace the good times!


4 |  T H E   B E A C H E S

With over 3000km of coastline it's easy to see why one of Thailand's biggest draws is it's beaches. Why not head off the beaten track and find a hidden paradise of your own?


5 |  T H E   S N O R K E L I N G

It's a colourful world down there and Thailand boasts some awesome snorkeling and diving destinations. Looking for a thrill? Off shore islands like Koh Tao it's not unusual to swim with Whale sharks in season!


6 |  T H E   S U N S E T S

The biggest contributing factor when I book my Island get-aways? ...where can I watch the sunset from? Find yourself a beach bungalow or cocktail bar facing west, preferably facing the sea too and watch the sky light up for a memorable evening!


7 |  T H E   L O N G T A I L S

You don't have to have visited Thailand to know the Colourful long tail boats are truly iconic. The pretty, decorated (and rather noisy) wooden boats are ideal for island-hopping. Plus they make a jealously invoking travel pic to show your mates back home!

8 |  T H E   P A R T Y   V I B E S

On the ever popular hedonistic tourist islands fire dancing, full moon parties and booze buckets are the norm and damn right the Thai's know how to throw a good party!

9 |  T H E   S T R E E T   F O O D

There's not many places in the World where your cheapest meal is also the tastiest but Thailand pulls it off. Top tip : Eat where the locals eat for the most authentic meals and don't drink the tap water!


4 trips down and countless to go I will certainly be heading back to Thailand in the (near) future. What's your best travel spots in the country and why?

All photos by Candice Tomkins