Welcome to our happy place | Soi 55

It's been a looooong time in the making here but finally we are excited to welcome you to our very own 'happy place' here on the internet.  At the moment this is just the beginning but we are starting to build a creative & inspirational brand that everyone can be a part of. Our blog will be a weekly source of happy places and wonderful products - stay tuned! We've worked hard to source and design some beautifully made bags & pouches that you can find in our Shop section right now. - take a hypothetical stroll down Soi 55 and check out our Canvas Collection.  While you're here why not take a peek at our look book for a visual feast of imagery, colour and design, we'll be continuing to grow this page as we develop. Please feel free to drop us a line hello@soi55lifestyle.com and let us know what you think!

I also wanted to say a personal thank you to my friends, family and inspirations from around the World for allowing Soi 55 to exist! I'm so excited for the future!

Candy x

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